Internet Of Cold Stores / Warehouses / Server Rooms

The Story

10 Years Back one of our client took the smart decision to have a Remote Monitoring System for his Cold Store, it saved him from big losses and kept informed with the Product Temperature Quality. Now a days with New Technology it became much more advance and easier to get connected with your Cold Stores or even Vehicles, get notified when Temperature starts Deviating and keep the Temperature History/Report to ensure the Product Quality.

Main Features

  • Easy Installation, Configure Yourslef with the Help of Videos available on Support Page.
  • Connect the Device to your existing Internet Network.
  • Register on, add your device to monitor online from anywhere around the globe.
  • Live Values Refresh at every 15 Seconds and Stores the Data to Cloud at every 10 min.
  • Reports/Trends can be generated easily online for Upto last 180 Days.
  • Sends Alarm Emails and Text messages for upto 20 Emails/Cell Phones.
  • No Need of SIM Card in the Device. Connects with Local WiFi
  • Monitor unlimited Cold-Stores, Warehouses, Server Rooms in different locations.
  • With a new IOT SIM Card based Device, Track Cold Store Vehicle/Trucks and get there Temperature and Location Information.
  • Available Temperature and Humidity Sensors, ask for other sensors or for the NIST Certified Sensors with traceable Certificates.