Silos Management System

With the i4Serv STMS Software aim to provide complete quality management of the stock. It monitors the temperature and detects microbial activity or dead zones by the rising of temperature differences. Reporting System is available to easily manage and see the status of Silos Temperature conditions and for the stock quality. With the help of average Temperature monitoring Silos Fan can be operated in Auto mode to cool down the grains or stock in the Silos. Fans can be operated in both Auto and Manual modes. A complete solution for Silos Temperature Monitoring and Control with Reports. (Single Computer Picture with Clear Big view of Screen Shots x 3)


RTUs or Remote Terminal Units are installed on top of each Silo to gather the temperature data from the Sensor Cables, i4Serv RTU Units can connect with different brands of sensors. To use the features of i4Serv STMS the RTUs to be installed on each Silo that can work with Existing Sensors. Providing an excellent solution for obsolete systems while reducing the investment of replacing all the sensors.


As we have an in-depth knowledge of the working principles of the complete system, several brands of Sensors can be repaired locally in your country, providing the best option for cost saving, and reducing the delivery times. Customized sensors on request can also be produced locally.


Monitor All Silo Zones at Single Station


Dead Zones Detection


Reporting and Control


Integration with SCADA System

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